Our Mission

Local solutions for every community.

The Arlene and Michael Rosen Foundation invests in local solutions that address the needs of community’s most vulnerable populations, with an emphasis on those impacted by homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.

Who We Are


We are an active, engaged philanthropic partner who provides technical assistance, coalition-building, and financial support to communities interested in new solutions to homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.

We seek to pioneer changes to current systems of care and risk reduction for people experiencing homelessness, addiction, and/or mental illness to improve overall individual and community wellness. We also seek to reduce and eliminate community focus on institutionalized care, particularly emergency departments and incarceration.

Our Team

Jason Satterfield

Jason Satterfield,
Executive Director
Jason joined the Foundation after a long career serving people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness. Read more…

Mimi Doohan

Mimi Doohan
Noemi is a board-certified family physician who practices full spectrum primary care, including in hospital, ambulatory settings and street medicine. Read more…

Laura Hamburg

Laura Hamburg
Laura completed an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in Political Science and a Masters degree at UCB in Journalism in the 1990s. Read more…

Jean Field

Jean Field, Homebase
Deputy Managing Director
Jean provides technical assistance, strategic planning, and project management expertise on initiatives aimed at ending homelessness.

Gillian Morshedi

Gillian Morshedi, Homebase
Staff Attorney
Gillian’s primary areas of focus and expertise are strategic planning and facilitation, and housing and healthcare coordination and integration.

Meet Our Partner:

Homebase is a collective of legal, policy, and subject matter experts who are dedicated to addressing homelessness and its root causes.

Let’s transform communities together.

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