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Meet Laura Hamburg.

Laura Hamburg

Laura brings a lived experienced lens to her work supporting, resourcing, and partnering with community projects and organizations that do the frontline heart work of helping folks with addiction and mental health disorders.

She revels in opportunities to be a “glue person,” connecting like-minded people who then become stronger together. She centers story as the connective tissue that provides the opening for more empathy and compassion. Laura has worked as an award-winning reporter and writer, photographer and publicist. She specializes in collecting oral histories, stories of the working poor and historically marginalized communities for the print, audio, and video production of place-based stories.

She has worked as a national congressional political reporter and managing editor covering the Clinton Administration, US Supreme Court and federal agencies, as well as a features and political reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and public radio. Laura has an MA from the UC Berkeley School of Journalism and BA in political science from UC Berkeley..